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Landscaping Rocks Melbourne

Rokworx is the home for all landscaping rocks, garden rocks, stones and pebbles throughout Melbourne.

With access to a range of rock quarries we are able to source and provide our customers with the finest landscaping rocks,
garden rocks, stones and pebbles available in all shapes and sizes.

We supply our rocks to residential customers direct; landscape designers, landscape gardeners and garden supply outlets
throughout all Melbourne suburbs.

In addition to rock sales, and rock placements for clients, as specialists in earthmoving and excavations we also provide a wide range of earthmoving and excavation services. Our earthmoving and excavation services include; landscaping earthworks and rock placement, landscaping preparation, site preparation, rubbish removal and land clearing, rock and concrete removal and a whole lot more.
We operate throughout all Melbourne suburbs.

Rock Walls

In addition to being Melbourne’s number one supplier of landscaping rocks, we can design, construct and build rock walls!
Specialising in stone rock walls, retaining rock walls, rock steps and other rock features, Rokworx can deliver the entire project at Melbourne’s most affordable prices.

Rock walls not only have a stunning natural look and feel, they will also add class and style to your home and garden.

Talk us about your ideas and needs!

Find out about Rock Walls here



Landscaping Rocks

We have access to and can source, deliver and place an extensive range of different landscaping rocks, garden rocks, stone, boulders and pebbles.

We have the ability to source rocks in many unusual shapes and sizes, from a rock size that fits comfortably in your hand, to rocks and boulders bigger than a car!

Most of our landscaping rocks are available in many different shapes, sizes, colours and textures.

Take a look at our landscaping rock page for details on some of our more popular landscaping rocks.

View our range of landscaping rocks here


Landscaping Services & Supplies

With extensive experience in earthmoving and excavations we also offer a range of landscaping services and supplies throughout Melbourne.

All of our landscaping supplies are specially selected from our quarries to suit individual or on-going projects needs. We supply residential customers; trade professionals and garden supply outlets.

We can clear, level and prepare your garden ready for all the finishing landscaping touches. We offer excavations and earthworks, landscaping preparations and site leveling, site cleanups, clearing and rubbish removal.

Landscaping services & supplies


Earthmoving & Excavations

As specialists in earthmoving and excavations we provide a wide range of earthmoving and excavation services.

  • Landscaping Preparation
  • Landscaping Rock Placement
  • Excavation and Site Cuts
  • Rubbish Removal and Land Clearing
  • Pool, Dam & Pond Excavations
  • Fill Ins including Pools
  • Driveway Construction
  • Site Fills
  • Site Levelling
  • Rock removal
  • More….


Earthmoving & Excavations


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