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A natural addition to any landscape or garden, unlike concrete, rocks will always look and feel right at home in just about any landscaping project.

In addition to giving your landscape a natural look and feel, landscaping rocks are also long lasting and require very little maintenance. As such, they make for a cost effective addition to any landscaping project – perfect for anyone working on a tight budget.

We supply all types of landscaping rocks for domestic and commercial projects across Melbourne. If you are looking for the finest rocks, contact us today. Our friendly team of experienced specialists will be on hand to help you identify the best type of rock for your project, source it and deliver to you in a timely and convenient fashion. Furthermore, we also offer expert landscaping rock installation services.

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“ When it comes to choosing the  determining how much time will go into maintaining a garden, there are a few things to consider. First, of course, is the sheer size of your garden. ”


Landscaping Rocks

We are able to supply all our customers with the best rocks thanks to our unrivalled access to a variety of quarries in and around Melbourne. Whatever your rock needs, we are sure that we can find exactly what you are looking for.

Landscaping rocks can be used in a variety of projects including the construction of waterfall features, garden steps, garden edging, natural pools, retaining steps, swimming pool surrounds and ponds among others. With that in mind, we understand that our customers have varying needs and requirements.

To make sure that these requirements are met and provide you with what you need to complete the perfect landscaping project, we supply a wide variety of rocks. We source and supply a huge variety of landscaping rocks, stone and boulders in a wide range of shapes, sizes, textures and colours.

In addition to sourcing and supplying the finest landscaping rocks, we also offer professional landscaping installation services.
We supply landscape gardening supply stores, landscaping contractors as well as residential customers directly across Melbourne. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you bring your Melbourne landscaping vision into reality with top quality landscaping rocks.

Garden Rocks

Over the recent past, rock gardens have become a popular landscaping choice. In addition to being a cost effective landscaping option for property owners, garden rocks also offer a few other important benefits.

For instance, these rocks are known to help in the regulation of temperatures. During hot days, the rocks absorb heat and release it during the night, when temperatures take a dip. This helps keep the temperatures in the garden at ideal levels throughout the day.
Furthermore, garden rocks help decrease ground evaporation; thus preserving moisture, especially during the hot summer months. This saves property owners from having to keep watering their gardens when temperatures soar.
We source and supply a wide range of garden rocks fit for a variety of landscaping projects. If you are looking to enhance the intrinsic appeal of your garden we can help by providing you with the finest garden rocks in Melbourne. Our landscaping specialists can also help you create the most alluring rock garden by handling the installation of the rocks.
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Landscaping Rock Supply & Installation

Rokworx provides professional landscaping and gardening rock supply and installation throughout Melbourne and Victoria. Once you have identified the perfect type of rock for your project, with the help of our experienced earthmoving and landscaping experts, you can count on us to source, supply and install the rocks in place.

Proper stone selection, fitment and placement is essential, to ensure that you end up with the best outcome when it comes to creating your dream landscape. Our seasoned experts will select appropriately sized rocks that match the intended purpose. Rock size plays an important part in ensuring proper arrangement for strong and balanced rock features.
Given the fact that some projects may involve the use of large rocks and boulders, we also have the necessary hardware (including heavy earth moving machinery) to ensure easy and effortless movement and placement of such rocks.

Simply put, with our experts handling the installation work, you can be sure of achieving flawless execution of your landscaping design.


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“ Simon and the team have been great to deal with. The cold stream landscaping rocks and the mudstone were a great size and they helped place them. Would highly recommend if your wanting help excavating and getting the landscaping rock placed.”

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Whether you are looking for rocks for natural landscaping steps, a large centrepiece, garden edging or retaining wall, we have exactly what you need. We source, supply and install landscaping rocks across Melbourne. Contact us today for more information.


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