11 Benefits of Tree Selection In Landscaping

Benefits of Tree Selection In Landscaping

We cannot overstate the value of a tree of mature size since its life is entwined with other forms of life. Both small and large trees effectively provide oxygen, shelter, food, and a stable ground by improving soil conditions. They stand on their ground all year round to absorb harmful air and replace it with breathable air while getting rid of pollution, insects, and diseases. Their branches have also assisted us in cooking for millennia. 

Shade trees such as baobab are also significant in providing shelter in sunny weather. We owe our lives to trees, and there is nothing more honourable we can do than planting more and more of them.

Below, we will discuss the various benefits of trees in our landscapes, households, communities, and even the environment. However, let’s first explain the term landscaping.

What Is Landscaping?

Landscaping is improving the value, viability, and aesthetic look of a portion of land. It involves growing trees around a piece of land to create a beautiful look within the landscape. Some of the most common landscaping features include shrubs, flower borders, lawns, walkways, fencing, foundation planting, and driveways.

There are different ways of landscaping. The ideal one depends on your taste, requirements, and specifications. The most common landscaping works include oriental landscapes, formal landscapes, English garden landscapes, woodland landscapes, cottage gardens, and informal landscapes. Selecting the right tree for landscaping will depend on your preferences.

3 Benefits Of Trees For Your Landscape

1). The best thing about having trees in your garden is that some of them may sometimes act as food sources. It is pretty satisfying to harvest trees in your yard at nobody’s cost. Fruit trees will provide a beautiful look while providing fresh produce. Some of the best landscaping fruit trees include peach, lemon, pear, apple, fig, cherry, orange, plum, etc.

2). Including trees as part of your landscape plan will also improve the surrounding environment in significant ways. Trees filter water and air, trap harmful gases, release oxygen, and create energy from sunlight. Besides, they provide food and habitat to animals and other organisms.

3). Having trees in your garden can also help lower the cooling costs in your home depending on the types and where you have planted them. They usually provide shade by blocking sunlight and preventing it from hitting your house. This saves on the costs you normally would have incurred to keep your home cool.

2 Benefits Of Trees For Your Household

1). The most significant thing about having trees in your garden is improving the property’s value. Typically, most potential home buyers are attracted to homes that have trees. Trees can increase your home value by as much as 20%. In such a case, landscaping might seem an intelligent move when you want to entice home buyers.

2). Trees also help you cut your air conditioning, soil replacement, and irrigation costs. If strategically planted, trees can cut up to 50% of your air conditioning needs during the summer. Besides, the shade produced by the trees can reduce the rate of evaporation which can significantly save on the watering costs for your garden.

Benefits of Tree Selection In Landscaping

Top 3 Benefits Of Trees For Your Community

1). Photosynthesis, the trees’ process of making their food, involves the leaves of the trees absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen into the air. The carbon is stored in the tree for its entire life, slowing down its accumulation in the atmosphere.

2). Trees are responsible for purifying the air that we breathe. They remove particulate matter from the air, a form of air pollution harmful to our respiratory system. Certain airborne waste is usually produced by burning fossil fuels and is highly concentrated near factories and highways—trees filter this pollution to curb ailments like heart disease and asthma.

3). Trees provide food and habitat to wildlife. Every single tree can be a vital habitat for numerous wildlife species. Old-growth forests provide shelter at the ground level and even on top of the canopies. These various forms of protection under a single piece of land encourage the reproduction of diverse species.

Top 3 Benefits Of Trees For The Environment

1). Trees are very beneficial to the environment. They significantly help save water as their shade can slow the rate of evaporation. Usually, a typical tree will survive with 15 gallons of water per week while releasing over 300 gallons of water daily. In addition, they prevent water pollution by filtering out pollutants such as nitrogen and phosphorus from stormwater.

2). The other significant benefit of having trees as part of your landscaping plan is that they will reinforce the soil. They increase the earth’s fertility while assisting the ground in obtaining moisture. The fallen leaves around trees can help reduce the soil temperature to ensure that the soil does not lose much water.

3). Trees are also an excellent remedy for soil erosion. Wind and rain falling on bare soil can be so strong that can penetrate and loosen it. Typically, trees will break and weaken the wind or rain droplets to protect the earth from erosion. 

Final Thoughts

Trees have numerous benefits to our households, environment, and community. Planting trees around your house strategically can add tremendous benefits to both you and the environment. Besides helping in restoring your community’s quality of life, they also contribute to fighting climate change. Please plant trees today to improve the quality of life tomorrow!

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