8 Different Types of Landscaping Rocks and Stones

Different Types Landscaping Rocks Stones

A great addition to any landscape makeover project, landscaping rocks can be used for putting up retaining walls, decorating water features, creating paths or as stepping stones. Landscaping rocks and stones come in a variety of types, colours, shapes and sizes; thus giving you a variety of options to work with. By choosing the right landscaping stones or rocks in your next project, you are able to use them in transforming an otherwise bland outdoor space into something exciting. 

To find out more about the many different types of landscaping rocks, as well as some useful tips on how to choose the right ones for your upcoming landscaping project, read on below.  

What Are Landscaping Rocks?

In the simplest of terms, landscaping rocks can be defined as rocks that are used as landscaping features. In most cases, these rocks are used to enhance the visual appeal of the garden space in question. Since they come in a wide variety of colours, sizes and types, they provide gardeners and landscaping professionals with a host of options when it comes to creating a unique and aesthetically appealing outdoor space. 

Types Of Landscaping Rocks And Stones 

  • Crushed Granite: Also referred to as crushed granite gravel, these are larger palm-sized pieces of gravel that come with a slightly rough texture. These earth-toned pieces of gravel are a great choice for the transition between your garden plants and walkway. They can also be used for pathways or on your garden.   
  • Pea Gravel: Similar to beach pebbles, these small pea-sized pieces of gravel come in a range of sizes (up to 2cms) and colours including white, tan and brown. Found near water bodies, these pebbles normally have a smooth surface. These landscaping rocks can be used in place of mulch in garden beds or to fill out any crevices in your pathway or to cover your driveway.  
  • Decomposed Granite: A great foundation for a rock garden, decomposed granite is made up of very tiny pieces of worn down granite. It comes in a variety of colours and is normally sold at an affordable price.  

Different Types Landscaping Rocks Stones

  • Lava Rocks: Known for their rough and porous texture, lava rocks are made from lava that has crystallised over time. These lightweight rocks also retain some water and distribute it to plants, while also allowing most of it to flow through.  
  • River Rocks: Great for creating water features as well as retaining walls, river rocks are smoother and larger in size than pea gravel. Also found around water bodies, their sharp edges have been worn down into a smooth surface due to water running over them for many years.   
  • Flagstones: Normally found in rectangular or square shapes, flagstones have a smooth surface. They are commonly used in creating paths and walkways. While they can be installed over sand, laying them in concrete results in a longer-lasting landscaping feature.    
  • Brick Chips: Popularly preferred for their eye-catching colour, brick chips are simply pieces of broken up bricks. You will need to put down ground cover in the form of landscaping fabric before using brick chips to prevent them from sinking into the ground. These rocks are great at retaining moisture and do not attract bugs.  
  • Boulders: These are large landscaping rocks that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are great for creating impactful landscaping features in your garden.     

Things To Consider When Buying Landscaping Rocks

  • The preferred landscaping theme
  • Coordination with the surrounding space and plants
  • Stone layout 
  • Size and shape of the rocks and stones used
  • Colour and texture of the landscaping rocks and stones chosen

Final Thoughts 

To create your dream landscape, it is recommended that you start by going through different landscaping designs, before settling on one that matches your tastes and preferences. With it, you can move on to choosing the best natural stones for the project.  

Landscaping Rock Supply And Installation 

Looking for the perfect types of rock and stones to use in your next landscaping project? At Rockworx, we supply and install all types of landscaping rocks and stones. 

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