How To Make A Stepping Stone Walkway

How Make Stepping Stone Walkway

If you’re looking for a way to add some style to your yard, then using landscaping rocks to make a nice garden path is the perfect project. A stepping stone walkway can be made from any material and placed in any design you like. This article will provide step-by-step instructions on how to make a simple yet beautiful patterned walkway. If this sounds like something you’d like to try, read on!

Benefits Of A Stepping Stone Walkway

A stepping stone walkway is a great way to add curb appeal and beauty to any garden. They are fun, versatile, easy to install and work well with a variety of surroundings. More than just being a path, stepping stone walkways are also practical as they can help guide you to where you need to go. Some of the main benefits of a stepping stone walkway include the following:

1). Durability

Stone is an unrivalled element when it comes to durability. Since stones can withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy foot traffic, they can make the most long-lasting pathways out there. Natural stone also has slip resistance which helps minimises falls or slips for family members who use them regularly.

2). Low Maintenance

Natural stones are highly durable which means that they require almost no upkeep. Additionally, with stone walkways, you don’t need to worry about cracks or fissures since this material can easily absorb shocks. The inherent ability of many types of rock to resist stains also means that your stepping stone walkway will always look pristine with little effort on your part!

3). Increased Home Value

Stone walkways are a great way to add natural beauty and warmth to your home. This can actually improve the curb appeal of your property as well as increase its resale value, making your property an excellent investment in the long run! 

How Make Stepping Stone Walkway

How To Make A Stepping Stone Walkway

When done right, stepping stones can provide a space that’s both practical and beautiful. Here are some of the basic steps you can follow to create your very own stepping stone walkway:

Step 1. Clear And Fill

Determine the boundaries and dimensions of your path. Remove any vegetation or unnecessary items from the area you plan to install your stepping stone walkway. Once vegetation and unnecessary obstructions are removed, pour down around 2 inches of levelling sand. Make sure to evenly level the sand.

Step 2. Lay And Level The Stones

Lay the stepping stones on top of the sand, keeping them around 6 to 8 inches apart from each other. Make sure the stone surfaces are above the sand and that all the stones are level with each other.

Step 3. Level The Stones

Once the stones are settled into place, make sure to level the surfaces. If the stone is perpendicular to your house, there should be a slight slope. This is so that water can slide off the stone surfaces and away from your home. 

Step 4. Add A Weed Barrier

A weed barrier will make sure that your stepping stone pathway is tidy and maintenance-free. Lay the weed barrier on top, using garden sheers to cut holes for each stone. As you work to lay down the weed barrier, weigh it down by adding pebbles.

Step 5. Pour The Pebbles

Surround your stepping stones with pebbles of your choice. The pebbles must be able to completely cover the weed barrier, however, they should still remain lower than the surface of the stepping stones.

Step 6. Install The Edging

Installing edging ensures that the pebbles do not slip into the surrounding area. The style of edging can depend on the overall aesthetic that you’re going for. You could use a strip of black metal or you could use brick-shaved pavers. The choice is up to you

Once you’ve chosen your edging style, dig a trench where you will place the edging material. Make sure the trench is deep enough so that no one trips over it. Ideally speaking, the surface of the edging should be around one inch above the pebbles.


When you put in the time and effort to create a beautiful stepping stone walkway, it will be something that all of your friends and family members will admire. A few hours of work can add value to both your home and yourself. Why not get started today? 

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