Landscaping Rocks

Landscaping Rocks

We source, deliver and place a large range of landscaping rocks, boulders, stone and pebbles in many different shapes, sizes, colours and textures for both commercial and residential needs.

Landscaping rocks are low maintenance and are an effective way to transform your garden and can make a stylish statement. Many of our natural rocks and stones are used to create beautiful landscape features in some of the finest gardens of Melbourne.

Applications and use for garden rocks and boulders are wide and varied including the construction of retaining walls, garden steps, waterfall features, natural pools, dry and running creek bed features, ponds, swimming pool surrounds, garden edging and more.

With access to a range of rock quarries, we are able to source and provide our customers with the finest landscaping rocks and garden rocks available in all shapes and sizes.

We supply residential customers; landscape designers, landscape gardeners and garden supply outlets. For more details on our commercial services, please see our landscaping supplies and services page.

What’s more, if you are looking for something entirely different, unique or out of the ordinary for a special landscaping job, ornamental purpose or home improvement and we don’t have what you are looking for we will endeavour to source in the rocks you are after. We have the ability to source rocks in many unusual shapes and sizes. Our landscaping rocks vary in sizes from a rock size that fits comfortably in your hand, to large rocks and boulders bigger than a car!

Some of our more popular rocks are found below:


Granite rocks are generally hard and tough in composition and have therefore gained widespread use as a construction and build stone.

These Granite rocks come in a variety of colours including Bronze, Silver, Pink, Yellow and Distressed Copper to suit a range of different applications and settings.

Available in assorted shapes from large boulders to sharp edged squares. Sizes range from fist size right up to a small car. We have even craned Granite rocks as large as trucks!


Granite rocks have a widespread use and can be used as feature landscaping rocks, garden steps, creating dry or running creek beds, waterfalls, ponds and natural swimming pool surrounds.

As most local councils have approved the use of this granite to maintain healthy waterways, its main use is in drainage works or for use in areas to assist to stop erosion.

Ideal for dry or running creek beds, pillars and columns.


Coldstream Rock is a multi-coloured rock with colours ranging from yellow, grey and a purple blue colour.

This highly popular rock is available in a wide variety of sizes, from the smallest crushed rock size up to large boulders (approx. 1500mm), and many different shapes and contours.


Ideal for gardens and walls due to its colours ranging from yellow, grey and purple blue colour.

Applications and uses for Coldstream Rock include being used a feature landscaping rocks and garden steps.

They can be used to create stunning waterfalls and natural swimming pool surrounds, outstanding walling rocks and edging and for creating natural mailboxes and even gate pillars. Coldstream Rock is also suitable for retaining walls or dry creek beds.


Mudstone Rock is a sedimentary rock, brownish-pink in colour that can be easily split to form thin plates making it a very versatile landscaping rock especially when many different contours and shapes exist in the landscape.

Mudstone Rock is available in sizes, shapes and textures from approximately 300mm to over 1500mm.


Ideal for paving and all landscaping works such as steps and retaining walls.

Mudstone Rock is also available in large feature landscaping rock sizes.


These small, smooth, rounded pebbles are becoming increasing popular because of their widespread usages and come in a range of earthy natural colours.


River Pebbles brighten up any garden. Increasingly popular amongst landscape gardeners as an ideal pebble mulch for suppressing weeds and retaining moisture in soils.

Often used around houses, on paths and between pavers, through garden beds and on exposed concrete.

They also look great around water features, in dry creek beds and ponds.

Can also be used in potted plants for a natural decorative finish. 


Bluestone is a classic and can enhance the look of any landscape.

Bluestone Rocks are a richly coloured stone with a character and charm all of their own. With a highly appealing texture bluestone-landscaping rocks presents themselves as an ideal landscaping garden rock with style.

Bluestone comes in a range of sizes from approximately the size of a football to around 1500mm.


Great for walling, paths and garden features.

Bluestone is also often used for feature bluestone seat rocks and bluestone flagpole stones.

Spectacular in any garden setting Bluestone can also be incorporated into a water feature with stunning results.


Basalt Rock and stones are predominantly a bluish, browny ~ grey, generally with straight lines and edges.

Available in a wide range of sizes from pebble to boulders.


Depending on the size of the Basalt rock, if small it can be used as decorative mulch or as a finishing touch in water features.

Often used to line creek beds to help prevent erosion.

Basalt can also be used in walling and to create “crazy” paving stones.


A dense dark boulder with a bubbled outer shell, ideal for moss and small plants to grow on.

An all round rock for general garden use, available in many different shapes, sizes and textures.


Colac Rock is often used for retaining walls and in water features.

Suitable as feature garden rocks and for garden bed edging.


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