Lilydale Toppings/ Lilystream

Lilydale Toppings/ Lilystream

Lilydale toppings, or lilystream toppings, are popular pebbles that are versatile.
They are an affordable alternative to other ways to create surfaces to walk on or to drive on. Lilydale rocks are the perfect solution because they can be used for an array of purposes.
Small & Lightweight

Lilydale pebbles are generally small and they are lightweight. This means they can easily be installed by you. However, if you purchase a very large quantity of toppings, then you can let a professional place them in the areas you want them in. 

You do need a roller and some other tools to install the pebbles. Once The rocks are in place, water is used on them to moisten them. After that, simply compact them via a roller or another tool that can smooth the surface.
The pebbles are very versatile and can be used for an array of purposes. For instance, you can use the pebbles to create a footpath to your front/back door. The toppings can be used on a driveway too. If you want a driveway surface that will last for a longtime, as well as look good, then you should use Lilydale toppings.
Additional, the toppings can be used for a fire-pit or patio surface. You don’t need to have an enclosed patio, as you can simply use the desired amount of Lilydale toppings to create the surface. Once evened out, you can place patio furniture on it. Bear in mind that a lot of toppings will be needed if your goal is to create a patio surface.
Sturdy & Durable
Lilydale pebbles aren’t just versatile, but they are durable and very sturdy. This is why they are perfect for those who want a surface that will last for many years to come. Be it using them for a pathway, driveway or fire-pit surface, you can count on them to withstand foot-traffic, cars driving through the driveway and multiple cars parking on it.
Since they are sturdy and durable, Lilydale toppings are more cost-effective than other types of materials. This is because you won’t be spending money on repairs anytime soon. If you want to create a durable surface, then consider getting Lilydale toppings.
The toppings are available in a handful of colors. Feel free to settle on a solid color or mix things with several colors. Lilydale toppings look amazing, and they are a highly sought after decorative toppings. You will love how your surface looks once the toppings have been placed.
Low Maintenance
Finally, Lilydale toppings are easy to maintain. Since they are crushed rock, you won’t have to worry about repairing them due to cracking. Not only that, but if the toppings do become dirty, you simply hose them down with water. They are very low in maintenance.
Lilydale pebbles are affordable and they can be purchased in various quantities. Decide how much you want, and consider buying in bulk. If you have any Lilydale toppings left over, then you can use them for other purposes.

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