Mudstone Rocks

Mudstone Rocks

Mudstone is a great, strong type of landscaping rock that can be used for backyards, retaining walls and large garden areas as a feature

Composition Of Mudstone Rocks

Mudstone rocks are composed of compounds like quartz, orthoclase, microcline and mica. Other minerals present in mudstone rocks include muscovite, biotite, hornblende and pyroxene.

Uses Of Mudstone In Construction

Mudstone is used to construct and cover shelves, kitchen and office counters and walling structures in a building. Granite is also used in the construction of statues and pavement structures.

Resistance to Water Seepage

Mudstone landscaping rocks have high capabilities to resist water leakage. Using mudstone rocks to finish construction surfaces protects your areas of your backyard from seeping soil.
The durability and hardness of the surface of mudstone rocks makes the construction material suitable for outdoor and indoor housing finishes.
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