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Rock Walls For Retaining Walls

Add colour and elegance with our range of rocks for retaining rockwalls to your landscape! Rokworx, in addition to being Melbourne’s number one supplier of landscaping rocks, we can design, construct and build rock walls for you!

Offering a wide range of rocks for you to choose from including Granite rock, Coldstream rock, Mudstone rock, Bluestone rock, Basalt Rock and more our team of expert rock wall builders will create a precision-built, beautiful looking rock wall that is strong, secure and durable no matter the location, difficulty or size.

All of our retaining rock walls are designed to retain soil and water and support the land to help prevent erosion.

Specialising in stone rock walls, retaining rock walls, rock steps and other rock features, Rokworx can deliver the entire project at Melbourne’s most affordable prices.

In addition to, designing and constructing new rock walls we can also provide expert excavation and earthworks. This includes the removal of existing walls and site clearing and levelling as well as and preparing your garden for all the finishing touches.

Rockwalls not only have a stunning natural look and feel, they will also add class and style to your home and garden.

Gabion Baskets and Gabion Retaining Walls


Rokworx Gabion baskets are constructed with steel galvanised gabion baskets and can be large or small. We fill these with a wide choice of rocks or stones that will provide a unique and stylish look for any home or property.

Gabion retaining walls are a great solution to sloping sites and where draining is important. Gabion walls are an effective, environmentally friendly solution where erosion has been a problem and we can be profile any Gabion retaining wall to suit the contours of your land or your particular requirements. 

Gabion Walls and Gabion baskets are also an ideal solution for casual seating areas, garden edging, fireplaces and more, as well as providing a modern and stylish screen to any property or home.


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