What Are The Best Rocks To Use For Rock Walls?

What Best Rocks Use Retaining Walls

Rock walls, or retaining walls, are typically used to control soil erosion, increase the height of an existing surface or keep out floodwaters. They can be made from a variety of materials but one material that is often overlooked is rocks. 

Rocks offer many benefits for retaining walls including being relatively inexpensive and aesthetically pleasing. In this blog post, we will discuss why rocks are a great option for rock walls as well as some popular types of rock that work well for this purpose.

Why Are Rocks A Great Option For Rock Walls?

The secret to a well-built retaining wall is in the rocks. Rocks provide durability, stability and allow for slope adjustments without having any effect on an established structure or landscape design.

Rocks have the amazing ability to stick around and keep their shape long after you thought they might erode away. From small boulders in your backyard or large stones on top of an ancient temple, these humble minerals offer sturdiness that can’t easily be found elsewhere! 

Let’s take a look now at some of the best rocks you can use for rock walls.

1). Coldstream Rock

Coldstream rock is a multi-coloured rock with colours ranging from yellow, grey and a purple-blue. Aside from retaining walls, it can be used for landscaping purposes like creating feature stones or garden steps with striking hues. Coldstone also makes outstanding edging that will match any landscape design style!.

2). Mudstone Rock

Mudstone rock is a sedimentary rock that can be easily split to form thin plates. These rocks come in a classic brownish-pink colour and are known to be very versatile for landscaping. They are ideal for paving and all landscaping works such as steps, retaining walls, or even pavements!

What Best Rocks Use Retaining Walls

3). Colac Rock

A perfect rock for planting moss and small plants, the Colac rock is an all-around boulder that can be found in different shapes. Colac’s rock formation is often used for retaining walls and in water features. Suitable as garden bed edging or a feature decoration, this versatile type of stone offers an aesthetic appeal that can be easily customised to suit your needs!

4). Sandstone

Sandstones are common in many parts of the world because they have excellent erosion resistance and give buildings stability. This makes them perfect for retaining walls. Sandstones are not only beautiful but also provide benefits such as erosion protection for your yard since they don’t wear down easily.

5). Bluestone

Bluestone is an appealing and textured stone that can be used in any garden setting. It has an appealing texture and offers great features for walking paths. It also offers spectacular results when incorporated into water features.

6). Bush Rock

Bush rock is the perfect material to use for retaining walls. It’s an excellent choice because it withstands load, has a long lifespan, and can also be cut easily. It can also resist erosion and can be painted over easily.

7). Porphyry Rock

Porphyry rock is commonly used for retaining walls. It has a more natural look than concrete and can often be cheaper as well. This makes porphyry rock an ideal option in some cases where durability or aesthetics are factors that need to be considered during the construction of your project.


Rocks are great materials to use for rock walls. They are a good way to keep soil from spilling out of the area they’re holding back and also offer an aesthetic benefit for your landscaping design. Certain types of rock work better than others when it comes to this purpose though, so make sure you do your research before making a decision on which one is right for you. 

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