What Are The Most Popular Rocks For Landscaping?

Rocks are a great way to add texture and visual interest to your landscaping design. There’s a wide range of sizes, colours, shapes and textures available for purchase. However, while rocks are a popular choice for landscaping, what are the most popular landscaping rocks? This blog post will explore some of the most common types of rocks used in landscaping and their benefits. 

1). Decomposed Granite

If you’re looking to create an inviting space for your yard, decomposed granite is a great choice. It has the ability not only to beautify and add value with its natural look but also to provide coverage against rainwater runoff in order to maintain soil health! It has reddish-tan colour with a sandy texture that can help give your backyard a more rustic feel as well. 

2). Basalt Rock

Basalt is a beautiful rock, with its predominantly bluish or brownish hue. It has straight lines and edges that give any project the perfect edge to make it pop! They also come in various sizes to help suit the landscaping vision you desire. 

Basalt can be used for a variety of purposes. It’s often placed as decorative mulch or in water features, but it is also great to line creek beds and create crazy paving stones with! It is used in such areas because it is known for its ability to help prevent erosion.

3). Mudstone Rock

Mudstone rock is a very versatile landscaping rock that can be easily split to form thin plates. Its brownish-pink colour makes it attractive for many different landscape designs. The unique qualities of this sedimentary stone make its use worthwhile in any design where natural beauty needs cultivating or enhancing.

The versatile nature of mudstone rock allows it to be used for both paving and landscaping, such as steps. It’s also great in water features or ponds since the loose texture stays put without being tiled over.

What Most Popular Rocks Landscaping

4). Granite Rock

Granite rocks are generally hard and tough in composition, making them an excellent construction material. These granite stones come in a variety of colours including bronze, silver pink, yellow or even distressed copper to suit any setting imaginable. They also come in a large assortment of shapes to suit your liking. 

Granite rocks are used in many different ways to make the landscape more appealing. They can be used as features for landscaping, garden steps and pits for dry creek beds or waterfalls. They create beautiful natural swimming pool surrounds too! One of their most popular uses is drainage works because it helps stop erosion when placed along riverbanks with other purpose-made stones.

5). River Pebbles

River pebbles are small, smooth and rounded pebbles that come in a range of earthy natural colours. These pebbles have been increasingly popular because they’re being used for so many things from landscaping to crafting. 

River pebbles are a great way to keep your garden weed-free and waterlogged. Their popularity in landscape design has increased recently as an ideal mulch for suppressing weeds, retaining moisture on soils, or adding finishing touches around ponds with stones that look gorgeous from every angle!

6). Bluestone Rock

Bluestone is a classic rock and can enhance the look of any landscape. Bluestones are richly coloured stones with a character all their own. They present themselves as an ideal landscaping garden rock for style-savvy people who want something more than just brown or grey stones. With sizes ranging up to 1500mm blocks you’re sure to find a rock to suit your needs best.

Bluestone is a stunning stone that can be used for many different things. It has the ability to create interesting designs for walling, paths, or garden features. 

7). Coldstream Rock

Coldstream Rock is a beautiful rock with many different colours. From the lightest yellow to deep orange and even an electric blue hue, coldstream rocks have it all! It comes in a variety of sizes whether that be from crushed rock to large boulders.

Coldstream rocks are ideal for gardens and walls. They can be used as the perfect feature for landscaping rock, with applications including creating stunning waterfalls or natural swimming pool surrounds! It can also be used for edging mailboxes or gate pillars. This amazing stone also makes a great walling material due to how durable it is.

Final Thoughts

Landscaping is an important part of your property and can make a huge difference in curb appeal. As you plan out what type of rocks to include in your landscaping scheme, consider which rocks are best for different purposes. Choose a stone that best fits your wants and needs so that you can make the most out of your landscaping venture!

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