4 Best Rocks For Your Succulent Garden

4 Best Rocks Succulent Garden

Growing succulents in a garden is an easy way to add beautiful colours to your outdoor area. While succulents look beautiful on their own, surrounding them with landscaping rocks makes the garden pop even more.

Rocks not only add to the beauty of succulent plants, but they also offer a protective groundcover around them. That said, what other benefits do rocks have in a succulent garden? Read on to find out.

Benefits of Rocks to Succulent Gardens

  • Makes Garden Maintenance Easy

Adding cobbles and pebbles around a succulent garden makes it easy to maintain the beauty of the entire space. This is because a rock garden remains the same no matter the season or weather. As long as the natural stone pieces are placed in strategic focal points, the garden will always look beautiful.

  • Rocks Complement the Texture of Walls and Pavements in the Succulent Garden

Getting rocks for your succulent parts means that the garden will not look plain. Instead, the rocks will complement the colour and texture of walls and pavements giving the space a rich and complete appearance.

  • Rocks Help to Moderate Spoil Temperature

Succulent plants are very sensitive to temperature changes. For this reason, every garden designer needs to add crushed rocks near the plant base. That way, the rocks can moderate soil temperature and keep it warm during winter and cool under the full sun of summer.

  • They Prevent Soil Erosion

Topdressing a succulent garden with different types of rocks means that the soil will not erode when it rains. Therefore, garden design with succulents and rocks is a smart way of keeping the soil intact.

  • Prevent the Growth of Weeds

Depending on the type of succulent plants a gardener chooses to plant, weeds can become a problem. However, with rocks on the ground, weeds will not find space to grow. This trick also works when using succulent pots in the garden.

4 Best Rocks Succulent Garden

Rocks You Can Use for Your Succulent Garden

1). Baja Cresta Rubble

These rocks give the perfect mix of maroons and earth-toned browns. As such, they go well with different soil colours and textures.

Most people use these rocks to enhance the crumby soil look in their succulent gardens. They also give the garden a natural earthy look.

2). Gold Quartzite Boulders

These rocks come with a warm gold tone that every succulent garden needs. When the sun shines, their stunning colour dazzles and gives them a magnificent royal appearance.

The best thing about these stones is that they blend in with practically any setting. People can use them against any material, including wooden floors or concrete.

3). Red Lava Crushed Rock

This is one of the most commonly used rocks in succulent gardens. Most people love it because it is made from a bubbling volcano.

In addition, the rock is mixed with rouge which gives it a rich earthy colour. It is perfect for any garden or fire pit

4). Black Mexican Beach Pebbles

These pebbles come in a natural round shape making them look very polished and attractive. Their dark colour also gives them a rich appearance that complements most pavements and walls.

The Mexican beach pebbles are perfect for succulent gardens because of their ability to create a water movement illusion. As such, gardeners who want to incorporate artificial waterfalls will find them useful.

Things to Consider Before Buying Rocks

  • Make Sure They Are Suitable for gardens

While rocks enhance the beauty of any garden, not all of them are suitable to be used outdoors on soil. As such, always do proper research before purchasing rocks to make sure it is appropriate for your garden.

  • Consider the Maintenance Needs

While rocks need little or no maintenance, some require special care and attention. For example, some rocks need to be polished regularly to maintain their appearance. Keep such things in mind before making a purchase.

  • Choose the Right Finish

All rocks come in different finishes appropriate for different settings. Therefore, always pick the finish that blends perfectly with the theme of your succulent garden.

Final thoughts

While plants look good in any garden, they are incomplete without rocks around them. More importantly, combining rocks and plants in a garden has numerous benefits that every garden owner deserves.

Landscaping Rock Supply & Installation

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