What Type of Maintenance Does An Irrigation System Require?

Irrigation System Maintenance

Are you concerned about the maintenance of your irrigation system? Do you know what type of maintenance an irrigation system requires? Lush lawns and beautiful landscaping require constant maintenance and having an irrigation system in place make it a breeze. A properly working irrigation system keeps you worry-free as you don’t really need to worry about missing watering.

Irrigation systems are a great help when they work as they should. However, like all systems, they can be prone to breakage or malfunction. This is why you need to properly maintain the irrigation system. In today’s blog post, we will explore the different types of maintenance needed for an irrigation system, starting with regular inspections.

1). Regular Inspections

Whether you have invested in a regular run-of-the-mill system or an extremely expensive system, it won’t work properly without regular inspections. Make sure to take a thorough look at the system at least 2 to 3 times a season or every few weeks. This will make sure that any problems found with your irrigation system are fixed right away before the problem becomes too big.

2). Basic Maintenance Schedule

Regular inspection will keep you aware of any obstructions, cracks, breakage, and related issues. In addition to these regular checks, you should also create a basic maintenance schedule to check certain features of your irrigation system to keep the system working properly.

One of the most basic checks is to make sure that there is no problem with the power source. Every system comes with a controller which allows you to set the schedule and other parts of the system. That controller cannot work without regular power.

Another feature to consider is the wiring of your system. Take a close look at the wires and sensors of the system to make sure that there is no problem with the connections. Check the backup battery. All batteries have a useful service life and you will need to replace them at some point in time.

Lastly, make sure to change the watering schedule as per the season. It is also recommended to test all the watering zones one by one as part of the basic maintenance check.

Irrigation System Maintenance

3). Thorough Checks

An irrigation system has dozens of components made of plastic or metal. These components are also vulnerable to damage due to various reasons. Sometimes, there is debris that gets stuck inside the system leading to a waste of water. This is why you need to take a close look at the system to see if you can notice any signs of damage.

Make sure all the seals and valves are working as they should. There shouldn’t be any leakage. Check the pipes for any signs of leakage. If there are tiny cracks, take action to fix the crack by using an appropriate solution or replacing the cracked part of the pipe.

Check the sprinkler heads for signs of breakage or tilt. If there are any sunken sprinkler heads or sprinkler heads that have gone missing, make sure to replace them. Check the water pressure and spray pattern to make sure everything is working as it should.

If there is standing water in your lawn or puddles of water, it means there is some leakage. Do not ignore it. Try to find the source of the leakage on your own or call the experts if you are unable to locate and fix the problem.

If you notice that your plants are drying out or the ground is always dry and hard, it means there is a problem with the irrigation system. If the grass isn’t growing uniformly in all parts of your garden this means there could be an undetected problem with the system.

It is also recommended to flush the sprinkler system right at the start of the season. This will make sure that all the dirt, dust, and debris that have built up in the pipes during the off-season are flushed out and that you have a clean system.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, an irrigation system requires constant maintenance to keep operating at optimal efficiency. Regular maintenance checks will help avoid expensive repairs as well as a waste of a lot of water.

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