5 Easy Low Maintenance Modern Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Low Maintenance Modern Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Creating a beautiful landscape garden doesn’t have to take up all of your leisure time. Your modern front yard can still burst with beauty with some simple landscaping rocks. While gardening with plants, grass, or wood mulch is a feasible alternative, these materials also require maintenance, including water. 

So using rocks is a no-brainer and a simple answer to the challenges of investing time and money in your home’s landscaping. Here are 5 simple rock landscaping ideas to give your front yard a low-maintenance (as well as cost-effective, less back-breaking, and environmentally friendly) makeover. Find inspiration for various types of homes and climates.

What are Landscaping Rocks?

They are rocks used as landscaping features. They come in a variety of forms, colours, sizes, and designs, and are used by many gardeners to add aesthetic interest to their gardens. There are many different ways to use rocks in landscaping, depending on the style of landscaping and the landscaper’s personal preferences.

Rocks can bring a uniquely modern and minimalist touch to your garden. You can combine them in unusual ways or just go for a classic design. Whether you have a lot of room or only a small amount of greenery, you can easily include them in your garden design. Here are 5 landscaping rocks to try:

5 Types of Landscaping Rocks & Stones

1). Riverock 

River rocks are a smooth type of rock. They have a smooth surface that makes them suitable for use in a backyard water feature. If you don’t have a water feature in your outdoor space or live in an arid climate, river rocks can be used as decorative rocks to provide the same tranquillity to a front or backyard as water features.

They are also a long-lasting alternative to mulch. Furthermore, due to the appealing appearance of this natural stone, it is frequently used to fill in gaps between stepping stones or as a decorative rock drainage solution for places that require it.

2). Boulders

Landscapers can find the perfect boulder for a yard or atrium from several different places. It may be a large natural boulder extracted from a quarry using explosives and heavy gear, or simply a surface rock covered with moss and lichen. 

Alternatively, smooth river rocks can be used as boulders, found in sand and gravel deposits. Boulders can be added to form rock gardens or in water features. They offer the wondrous effect of revealing nature’s pure beauty.

Low Maintenance Modern Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

3). Crushed Granite

Because these small, earthy-toned rocks are loose, you won’t have to worry about them causing puddles in your yard. People like to use crushed granite around the edges of their pathways to create a lovely transition between the route and the plants since it appears so natural. It endures a long time if you properly stabilise it and allow adequate drainage.

4). Pea gravel

This is a type of landscaping rock made of tiny rocks that are about the size of – you got it – a pea. The smooth surface of pea gravel rocks makes this sort of landscaping rock attractive to the touch as well as aesthetically pleasing. 

Pea gravel is a popular choice for landscaping gravel because of its aesthetic and tactile appeal, as well as its cost. Smaller stones are frequently utilised for drainage and in high-traffic areas such as patios, pathways, and dog runs.

5). Flagstone

Flagstones are strata of sedimentary rock that have been broken up. They are generally utilised as paver stones in rock landscaping in flatter regions, such as a path or a driveway. Flagstones can also be used to construct rock retaining walls, as stepping stones, as edging around a garden bed or other landscape borders, and even as a fire pit surround.

Things to Consider When Buying Landscaping Rocks

  • Size: Consider the size of your outside space. You probably don’t want to go out and buy boulders if your yard is small.
  • Shape and Texture – Do you prefer soft, smooth edges or a jagged, crisp appearance? Consider the shape and texture of your garden to decide which one rhymes with the overall surroundings. 
  • Colour – Do you prefer chilly blues and greys, or warmer earthy tones such as reds and browns? Take into account the colour scheme of your home and the surrounding environment. Do you want it to blend in or stand out? Your outdoor living space’s ambience will be set by the hue.
  • Theme – Some rocks are more suited to certain themes than others. Lava rocks, for example, look beautiful in desert environments, whilst river rocks are ideal for zen gardens. Before you start looking for the perfect stone combinations, choose a theme to assist you to select which rocks you want.
  • Functions – What are the purposes of your rocks? Are they to be used as a plant habitat, for drainage, as a weed suppressor, to hide ugly areas, or simply for aesthetic purposes?

Final thoughts

Rocks can be a terrific addition to your landscape makeover if you want to give a unique touch to your outdoor space. They can be used to decorate a fountain, create a pathway, or cover a wall, among other things. The options are limitless! But keep in mind that landscaping rocks set the tone for your yard or garden, so choosing the proper ones is crucial.

Landscaping Rock Supply & Installation

Rocks help complete the look of any landscape from rustic-looking paths to attractive courtyard designs. Do you require additional landscaping rocks and stones for your property? At Rockworx, we supply and install all types of landscaping rocks and stones. 

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