Top 9 Tips For Designing And Building A Rock Garden

Top 9 Tips Designing Building Rock Garden

Would you like to build a rock garden with landscaping rocks but are not sure where to start? If so, you’re in luck. In this blog, we will go over some of the top tips for designing and building a rock garden. While the concept of building one may appear simple, you need the right tools to get the concept right. 

Essentially, a rock garden uses different landscaping rocks as a vital and visible part of the garden. Rock gardens can add flair to a boring landscape. However, there is more to building one than adding stones around plants. You need to carefully pick everything to ensure they work together so the garden appears natural. Have you wondered how you can make the stones in your rock garden be appreciated as much as the plants? Read on to learn how you can achieve this.

Designing Your Rock Garden

The secret behind an impressive rock garden is to make it look natural. Additionally, you want to design a rock garden that is easy to maintain. Below are 9 tips for designing and building a rock garden.

  1. Rocks: Perhaps the most crucial thing is selecting the appropriate rocks for your rock garden. It would be best to pick naturally found ones in your area to give it a more natural look. When choosing rocks for your garden, try and select rocks that look similar in form, colour, and texture. Also, if you’re looking to create a weathered appearance, consider going for porous and softer rock.
  2. Affordability: Consider getting more affordable stones, especially if you want a large rock garden. Landscaping stones are a great option, and you can easily calculate how much the garden will cost you.
  3. Style: You can choose from several styles depending on your preference. For instance, if you would like a minimalistic rock garden, then a Japanese zen garden would be the ideal style choice. Ensure you consider your home’s aesthetic before choosing the style of your rock garden to ensure it complements its design.
  4. Tools: You must use the appropriate building tools. For instance, if you are building it, you should invest in a back brace as moving rocks can cause back problems. Some of the tools you should include are a wheelbarrow, rakes, shovels, a two-wheel dolly, and a five to six-foot steel bar.
  5. Stone placement: The stone placement in your garden is crucial, so it would be best to try and make it as natural as possible. Ensure your stones look like they are grounded and connected. You should only leave space between stones if you plan to fill them with plants.
  6. Overall look: Strive to create a look that appears aged. Ensure the rocks appear worn and weathered. You can achieve this by encouraging the growth of lichens or moss on the rock’s faces.
  7. Soil: Once the rocks are ready, ensure you prepare your soil before putting in the plants. The type of plants you select will determine the soil you will use in the rock garden. For instance, use sandy soil for succulents.
  8. Plants: The type of plants you choose for your rock garden is equally important. For instance, select plants naturally grow in rocky areas for a natural rock garden. It would help to consider your area’s climate when choosing plants. Generally, rock garden plants should be low maintenance.
  9. Plant placement: Your plants and stone placement should appear natural. The plant distribution and size should not be similar as it will look staged and unnatural. You can get inspiration from observing how plants grow on rocky terrain.

Top 9 Tips Designing Building Rock Garden

Benefits Of A Rock Garden

Rock gardens come with a plethora of benefits. Here are a few benefits of having a rock garden.

  • They help diversify your yard
  • Add depth to your yard
  • They are an all year round focal point
  • Rock gardens are low-maintenance
  • They can survive in a harsh environment

Rock Garden Stone Ideas

Here are some stones you should consider for your rock garden.

  • Devils marbles
  • River pebbles
  • Bluestone 
  • Basalt rocks
  • Granite Rocks

Should You Have A Rock Garden?

You can design and build a rock garden that adds to your home’s aesthetic with the right tools and knowledge. Rock gardens are low maintenance, and anyone can have them. Call us for all your landscaping needs.

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