Guide To Choosing The Best Landscaping Rock 

Guide Choosing Best Landscaping Rock

Landscaping rocks come in many varieties, which is why choosing rocks can be a challenge. What landscaping rocks should be used for specific projects and what types of rocks are better than others? To find out the answer to these questions, read the rest of this guide to choosing landscaping rocks. 

Mulch And Ground Cover

Most people choose chipped wood when they need mulch and ground cover. Sure, they look great and they are actually decent for various types of plants. However, it’s a good idea to replace wood mulch a couple of times per year because it does become discoloured and deteriorates as time goes by. This is why it’s a good idea to choose landscaping rock. 

Stone mulch is a great option because of its durability and due to the fact it doesn’t fade as time goes by. Not only that, but it doesn’t need to be replaced. Generally speaking, you can’t go wrong with any kind of stone, but choose larger landscaping rocks for drainage purposes. If the goal is weed control, then go ahead and use smaller landscaping rocks. 

Rocks For Paths, Walkways And Stepping Stones

Those who are looking for landscaping rocks for paths and walkways have no shortage of options. One of the best choices of rocks for this purpose is slate. Slate looks good and it is extremely durable, which means the pathway or walkway will last for many years to come. 

If the project consists of creating a gravel walkway, then consider using beach pebbles. These types of pebbles don’t hurt the feet, and they are easy on cats and dogs’ paws. Another good choice is crushed gravel, which will result in large chunks of stone that make up the pathway. 

Guide Choosing Best Landscaping Rock

Fire Pits 

Fire pits are more popular now than ever, which is why lots of people have been having them built outdoors. However, one of the key details people struggle with is the type of landscaping rock they should use when creating their pit. Although there are many great options, river rock tends to be the top choice. 

River rock is completely fire-safe, which makes them a good choice for fire pits. Not only that, but they are also durable and they are aesthetically appealing. When river rock is added to a fire pit, then the pit will easily become the main focus of the area. 

Ponds And Gardens

River stones are perfect for ponds because of their features. These types of stones can be used to create a liner for a creek or pond. Alternatively, river stones can be used to create a waterfall feature or other features such as a fountain. If a landscaping project involves water, such as creating a water fountain, a garden that will have water features, or you are creating a pond, then river stones should be the first type of rock to consider. 

Solely Decorative Purposes 

Cobblestones have an amazing look to them, which is why they are the best type of landscaping rock for decorating purposes. This means it doesn’t matter what type of landscaping project it is, cobblestone should be used. This type of rock can breathe life into any landscaping project. 

The above guide is how to choose landscaping rock for specific projects. The truth is that the type of landscaping rock that one should use largely depends on the type of project and personal preference, as well as how much money a person is willing to spend. Just make sure that the rock is purchased from a company that offers a good selection of rock, as well as high-quality landscaping rock.

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